Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

ABC Talent Grant

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ABC Talent (postdoc) for maximally 1 year, € 125k


  • completed PhD (within 3 years since graduation)
  • excellent cv (comparable with VENI criteria) 
  • fit with one of the research programs in ABC
  • requirement to apply for a research grant (e.g., VENI NWO, EU)
  • intention to spend this grant on research at the UvA



January 15, April 15, September 15


The grant offers a bridging period for high potential post docs who aim to apply or have applied for an external research grant.

Who can apply:   

ABC members, not the to be appointed postdoc

A postdoc can only receive an ABC Grant once.

To be appointed postdocs, who already hold a permanent position at the UvA are not eligible.

In the review process the different elements in the proposal will be weighed as follows:

cv: 50%, proposal: 30%, interdisciplinary nature: 20%


Published by  Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

12 December 2017