Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

Board of directors

  • prof. dr. V.A.F. (Victor) Lamme

    Board of directors | T: 0205256675

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  • prof. dr. A.H. (Agneta) Fischer

    Board of directors | T: 0205256893

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  • prof. dr. H.J. (Henkjan) Honing

    Board of directors | T: 0205254698

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  • dr. H.J. (Harm) Krugers

    Board of directors | T: 0205257621

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prof. dr. D. Denys

Board of directors | T: 020-8913899


ABC Office Management 

Christine Dirac  | T: +31 (0) 20 525 6761

Advisory board

  • prof. dr. B.U. (Birte) Forstmann

    Advisory board (FMG) | T: 0205256281

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  • prof. dr. K.R. (Richard) Ridderinkhof

    Advisory board (FMG) | T: 0205256119

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Dr. A.E. Goudriaan

Advisory board (AMC)

G. van Wingen, PhD

Advisory board (AMC) | T: 020-8913523

  • dr. W.H. (Jelle) Zuidema

    Advisory board (ILLC) | T: 0205256340

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  • prof. dr. J.C. (Jeannette) Schaeffer

    Advisory board (FGW) | T: 0205252083

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  • prof. dr. C.M.A. (Cyriel) Pennartz

    Advisory board (FNWI) | T: 0205257618

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  • dr. J.A.M. (Jeannette) Lorteije

    Advisory board (FNWI) |

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  • Mr G. (Gilles) de Hollander MSc

    Advisory board (PhD student) | T: 0205258690

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  • Mr V. (Vincent) Tijms MSc

    Advisory board (Education coordinator Research master Brain and Cognition) |

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  • dr. A.M.G. (Annette) Dirac

    Advisory board (grant advisor) | T: 0205252694

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Published by  Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

1 November 2016