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ABC Networking Day: Connecting ABC treasures

The annual ABC Conference

29June2018 13:00 - 22:00


To all researchers: Present your work and get connected!

Registration closed on 07 June 2018. 


You are browsing the ABC events pages most likely, because you are a member of ABC. But are you truly up to date with all exciting research taking place in the other departments than your own? Do you actually know all those researchers that pose related research questions as you do, but approach these from different angles, or with different methodologies? And did you know that ABC provides several ways of funding to advance interdisciplinary research? In other words, how well do you actually know all treasures that ABC is actually holding?

The organizers of this year’s ABC Day want to provide you with the opportunity to discover all research treasures that ABC is hiding, and build bridges to connect the involved researchers. This format is radically different form the former ‘Brain Day’, as the majority of the audience were typically students from the ABC Summer School.

This time, especially researchers (PhDs, post-docs, assistant/associate/full professors) are invited to attend and actively participate.

The day will consist of four elements:

  • ABC Mission Statement: As new director of the ABC prof. dr. Richard Ridderinkhof will speech about the mission statement of ABC in general, and this ABC Networking Day in particular.
  • Department highlights: These talks showcase the latest research of talented and upcoming ABC members of all involved departments.
  • Pitch talks: These are all about getting to know each other, to foster fresh collaborations, and possibly, to team-up for grant proposals.
  • Drinks and bites: In an informal atmosphere, the discussions continue.   

The ABC Networking Day organizing committee,
Vanessa van Ast
Jolien Francken
Ruth van Holst (chair)
Aniko Korosi
Suzanne Oosterwijk
Jakub Szymanik

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