Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

ABC colloquium - Michael Okun, University of Leicester

25Nov2016 16:00 - 17:00


Understanding the 1st dimension of neuronal population dynamics in the cortex

The activity of cortical neurons is coordinated on multiple spatiotemporal scales. Such coordination is perhaps most apparent from the highly correlated membrane potentials of simultaneously recorded neighbouring neurons. With these experiments as the point of departure, the talk will describe how individual cortical neurons couple to the overall changes in excitability of the local cortical circuit, as revealed by combined intracellular, population and LFP recordings.

Our findings indicate that for the purpose of estimating neuron's population coupling, its spike output can be used instead of the membrane potential, which in turn allowed us to establish that major differences in population coupling exist even among neighbouring neurons. Further, we found that population coupling is an invariant property of individual neurons, tightly related to their responsiveness and functional and anatomical connectivity.

The last part of the talk will describe a widespread bias in the way LFP signals are measured, and its effect on the quantification of spike-LFP




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