Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

Brain SIN-posium Amsterdam

Stress, Inflammation & Nutrition Crosstalk

22Mar2018 09:00 - 17:20


This one-day interdisciplinary SIN-posium focusses on the crosstalk between Stress, Inflammation and Nutrition and their effects on the brain throughout the lifespan.

This Symposium is organized on the occasion of the PhD defenses of Kit-Yi Yam (20th March, 2018) Lianne Hoeijmakers (23rd of March, 2018)

The program includes keynote speakers Sophie LayĆ© (Bordeaux, France), Staci Bilbo (Harvard, USA) as well as experts from throughout the Netherlands at different stages of their career: Bart Eggen (RUG), Eline van der Beek (UMCG/Nutricia), Liesbeth van Rossum (EUR), Onno Meijer (RUL), Erik van Tilborg (UMCU), Elga de Vries (VUMC), Mark Verheijen (VU-CNCR), Laura Koekkoek (AMC), Kitty Reemst (UvA), Aniko Korosi (UVA), Marloes Henckens(Donders, RUN), Mirjam van Zuiden (AMC) and Harm Krugers (UvA).

Check the website for further details on the event.

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