ABC Creative Mind Prize

An initiative by the Freek & Hella de Jonge Foundation

The ABC Creative Mind Prize will be presented to a young academic with an original and exciting research proposal that centres around the aspects of creativity, cognition and/or the workings of the human brain.

Since 2013, the ABC Creative Mind Prize has been awarded to young academics with an original and innovative research approach to the brain and mind theme. The prize is part of the Amsterdam Brain & Cognition programme and aims to draw further attention to research on creativity and its underlying cognitive processes, such as the perception of painters, the associative abilities of cabaret artists or the architectural design process. In previous years the prize has been given to a post doctoral researcher who submitted a research proposal. In 2017 the character of the prize will change. Further news about the prize and the application procedure will be made available on this website later this year.

Published by  Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

7 February 2017