Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)


The research priority programme Brain & Cognition invites visiting professors to the ABC to exchange ideas and results and foster collaborations.

Visiting professors are listed below.

  • Dr. Andrew Heathcote, University of Tasmania, AU

    Dates of visit: July|August 2015, July|August 2016, July|August 2017 Hosts: Birte Forstmann, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

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  • Dr. Anil Seth, University of Sussex, UK

    Dates of visit: November 2013, November 2012, March 2011 Host: Victor Lamme

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  • Dr. John O'Doherty, California Institute of Technology, USA

    Dates of visit: May 2012, August 2013, December 2014 Host: Frans van Winden

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