Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

Workshop: Awareness in animal cognition

08Dec2017 09:00 - 16:00


Workshop at the international conference ‘SMART Animals’ at the University of Amsterdam.

Workshop description

This workshop is dedicated to the role of awareness in cognition in different types of animals. Awareness is often thought to be a uniquely human characteristic, but is probably present in other animals as well, just like many other types of cognitive processes are. In this workshop, the boundaries of the concept of awareness will be investigated and a couple of issues that are vital in humanities and cognitive science will be addressed. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the concept of awareness, drawing on researchers from the fields of cognitive science, animal studies, philosophy, and linguistics, and as such, this workshop addresses the main themes of the SMART conference.



9:30 Coffee
10:00 Welcome

Joëlle Proust (Institut Jean-Nicod)

Conscious self-awareness, affordances, and evaluation

11:15 Coffee

Victor Lamme (University of Amsterdam)

If consciousness exists, animals have it too

12:30 Lunch

Sible Andringa (University of Amsterdam)

Tracking language learning on the fly: Is awareness the product of implicit learning?


Judith Rispens (University of Amsterdam)

Implicit learning of regularities in children with developmental language disorders

14:30 Coffee

Olli Loukola (Queen Mary University London)

Social spread of complex behaviour in an insect


Anne Marijke Schel (Utrecht University)

Intentionality in the production of chimpanzee alarm calls

16:00-16:15 Closing/Discussion


Workshop organizers

Sible Andringa, University of Amsterdam
Sybren Spit, University of Amsterdam

Location: SPUI25

Published by  SMART Cognitive Science