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ABC Talent Grant

Application form

ABC Talent (postdoc) for maximally 1 year, € 125k

Criteria (applicable to the Talent/intended post-doc)

Eligibility criteria

  • completed PhD  (within 3 years after doctoral defence)
  • requirement to apply for a research grant (e.g., VENI NWO, EU)
  • intention to spend this grant on research at the UvA

Selection criteria

  • CV: excellent cv (comparable with VENI criteria)
  • Proposal: excellent and feasible
  • ABC nature: a) interdisciplinarity (of proposal and research team) and b) match with one or more ABC themes and perspectives


Deadlines:  15 April 2021, 15 September 2021

Required starting date: within 6 months after reception.



To give high potential young researchers the opportunity to collect (pilot) data and apply for an external research grant.


Who can apply:   

ABC members with at least 0.5 FTE appointment at UvA or AMC, not the to be appointed postdoc. 

A postdoc can only receive an ABC Grant once.

To be appointed postdocs, who already hold a permanent position at the UvA are not eligible.

Proposals will only be considered if there is no ongoing ABC Project or Talent funding.

In the review process the different elements in the proposal will be weighed as follows:

CV 40%
Proposal 40%

ABC nature



Note: Please make sure you are using the latest version of our application form: abc_talent_grant_form_v0720.docx