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ABC Grants

General information

The Brain and Cognition research priority program of the UvA, ABC, provides funding to promote innovative and excellent research in the area of brain and cognitive sciences.

ABC grants are intended to motivate and enhance interfaculty research collaborations that are of an interdisciplinary nature. The overall mission is to come to a better understanding of the mechanisms of cognition, from perception to decision making, from language to music, and from memory to consciousness. The ABC encourages collaborative projects in which more than one faculty is involved and where there is an integrated plan of how to address a key question in brain and cognitive sciences in an innovative and interdisciplinary fashion.

The ABC supports three different types of grants, and one Award.

For all four funds, only ABC members with a completed PhD, and who have an appointment of at least 0.5 fte at the UvA or AMC, are eligible.

Proposals for each of these grants need to be supported by an UvA host institute  that commits to providing matching funds when such are necessary for the successful completion of the proposed project.

  • Proposals need to be written in an accessible way, for a broad panel of ABC experts from different faculties who will serve as evaluators.
  • By accepting the grant, ABC Grant winners make themselves available for an ABC pool of experts. This pool serves as a source for the composition of future ABC Grant evaluation committees. This form of reciprocity is an essential element of the ABC community.
  • In principle, the grants should start within 6 months after reception.

Decision Procedure

Independent Evaluation Committees, consisting of ABC members, will select the Project Grant and Talent Grant winners.

The Board of Directors will make decisions regarding the winners of the ABC VIP grant, and the ABC Award.

  • 1. ABC Project Grant

    An independent committee of experts in the involved disciplines will assess the submissions for the ABC Project Grant. The ABC board has no involvement in the evaluation of the ABC Project grant submissions, but will implement the ranking provided by the independent committee, dependent on the available funds.

    In the review process the following weighted criteria will be used: quality of the proposed research: 50%, interdisciplinary focus: 30%, quality applicants: 20%.

    Female PI’s are especially encouraged to apply.

    ABC Project Grant 2021

    1 postdoc or 1 PhD student for 2 years*, max. 250k€

    Deadline: January 31, 2021
    Aim:         funding new interdisciplinary research projects

    • research proposal with an interdisciplinary focus, involvement of at least 2 different faculties
    • innovative research
    • fit with one of the research programs in ABC
    • postdocs are preferred, but a case can be made for a PhD student proposal (the maximum funding will be the same, however, €250k)
    • if the to be appointed postdoc is already known, their cv should be added
    • *In case of clinical research with patients, a request can be made to extend the funding to a longer period. This should be included in the budget estimation.

    The proposal should be submitted by a full ABC member (not the to be appointed postdoc) and include information about the content and innovation of the project, possible collaborations within the ABC and in which faculty the postdoc will be appointed.

    Proposals will only be considered if there is no ongoing ABC Project or Talent funding for the main applicant.

    The grant consists of a lump sum of €250k. The faculty where the postdoc will be appointed should match any exceeding of this budget.

  • 2. ABC Talent Grant

    (postdoc) for maximally 1 year, 125k€

    Next deadline:      15 September 2020
    Aim:                        The grant offers a bridging period for high potential postdocs who aim to apply or have applied for an external research grant.
    Who can apply:    ABC members, not the to be appointed postdoc

    Criteria (applicable to the Talent/intended post-doc)           

    • completed PhD (within 3 years after doctoral defence)
    • excellent cv (comparable with VENI criteria)
    • fit with one of the research programs in ABC
    • requirement to apply for a research grant (e.g., VENI NWO, EU)
    • intention to spend this grant on research at the UvA

    A postdoc can only receive an ABC Grant once.

    The intended Talent (postdoc) cannot have a permanent research position at the UvA.

    Proposals will only be considered if there is no ongoing ABC Project or Talent funding for the main applicant.

    In the review process the different elements in the proposal will be weighed as follows:

    cv: 50%, proposal: 30%, interdisciplinary nature: 20%.

  • 3. ABC Visiting Professor (VIP)

    Travel and accommodation expenses, max. €7.500

    Next Deadline:             15 September 2020
    Aim:                        Increasing the visibility and (inter)national reputation of ABC
    Who can apply:     ABC members

    • visiting professor is an innovative international researcher
    • visiting professor engages in long term collaboration with one of the research programs of ABC, e.g. by supervising PhD students or postdocs
    • the hosts commit themselves to organize an ABC conference or workshop involving multiple disciplines crossing multiple faculties with visiting professor as key note speaker
  • 4. ABC Award 2020 (closed)

    Deadline:         01 June 2020
    Who can apply: ABC members
    Aim:                 Awarding excellent and motivated members of ABC, who have shown great commitment and involvement in the development of Amsterdam Brain and Cognition, and are examples for conducting interdisciplinary research in the field of Brain and Cognition. 

    • In 2020 ABC will reward two grants, one Junior and one Senior Award, at € 5,000 each.

    Who can nominate:   ABC members

    Selections will be based on nominations by fellow ABC members.


    • The interdisciplinary nature of the nominated ABC member’s research.
    • The nominated ABC member’s active contribution to the ABC community.