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About the centre

ABC Journal

The Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition center is proud to present its own interdisciplinary master’s thesis journal: the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Journal (ABC Journal). This journal, produced by and for master’s students, highlights the high-quality research of the students of the research master’s programme Brain and Cognitive Sciences (MBCS) of the University of Amsterdam.

ABC Journal issue 1 (February 2014) ABC Journal issue 2 (May 2015) ABC Journal issue 3 (December 2015) ABC Journal issue 4 (June 2016) ABC Journal issue 5 (December 2016) ABC Journal issue 6 (June 2017) ABC Journal issue 7 ( June 2018) ABC Journal issue 8 ( February 2019)

Note that from issue 3 onwards, we use password-protection on the PDFs to keep out web crawlers. To access these issues, please use the password ABCjournalX, where X is the issue number.

Master’s students can submit research papers describing work from either their first or second research project. When graduated, both research projects will, upon approval, automatically be sent to the ABC Journal to compete for publication. Manuscripts will undergo a review process by members of the editorial board, after which the best manuscripts will be selected to be published in full length, upon permission of the supervisor. The abstract of every submitted manuscript will be included in the ABC Journal, to provide an overview of research conducted by all master’s students. Please note that the ABC Journal is a student archive, therefore publication in our journal will not interfere with publication in scientific journals.

Submission Guidelines

Team & Contact 

  • Chief Editor: Ilja Sligte
  • Editors: Amber Brands, Nikos Kolonis, Maite van der Miesen, Sammy Millard, Laura Stolp, Steven Voges, Vanessa Utz.

Interested in becoming an editor of the ABC Journal or do you have ideas for collaboration? Please shoot us an email to inquire about possibilities!