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The SMART Cognitive Science International Conference will consist of 6 exciting workshops (each 2 full days, with 3 in parallel) on the cognitive science of music, language, communication and art, and a common evening program with debates and plenaries, and will be free to attend.

Detail Summary
Date Start 25 March 2015 End 28 March 2015


  • Intensive 2-day workshops on language, music, games, communication and agency
  • Keynote by Liina Pylkkanen on Composition of Complex Meaning: A Brain’s Eye View
  • Keynote by Andreas Roepstorff on Predicting, Embodying, Interacting. Critical elements for contemporary mind mapping
  • Keynote by Peter Hagoort (MPI/Donders Institute, Nijmegen) on From language to communication from an embrained prespective
  • Discussion on The humanities and cognitive science: loyal colleagues or secret competitors?
  • Discussion on Have we left the nativism-empiricism controversies behind us?

SMART Cognitive Science: the Amsterdam Conference