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Overturning the classical notion of perception as a largely bottom-up process, the idea that our brain is a prediction machine, continually trying to predict what is ‘out there’ based on past experience, is quickly growing in stature and influence.

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Date Start 3 June 2015 End 5 June 2015

Participants of this year’s EPOS summer school will be informed about the latest developments in this rapidly growing research field and currently outstanding questions, such as: How are predictions precisely implemented in the brain? What is the role of attention in the predictive processing machinery? Is the brain no more than a prediction machine? It will consist of one and half day of tutorials (for PhD students only; 3-4 June) followed by a workshop with presentations by national and international faculty, that are at the forefront of the field of predictive processing (open to the wider scientific community; 4-5 June). For more details, see:


Confirmed contributors: Chris Summerfield, Anil Seth, Floris de Lange, Janneke Jehee, Jill O’Reilly, Catherine Wacogne, Istvan Winkler, Dirk Heslenfeld, Peter Kok, Karsten Rauss, Moshe Bar, Martijn Meeter, and Maarten Marsman.


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prof. dr. H.A. (Heleen) Slagter

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group Brain and Cognition