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Revealing how adolescents respond to addiction treatment via the brain

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Organised by Host: Janna Cousijn
Date 8 June 2017
Time 16:00 - 17:00


Many clinicians who provide mental health treatment find developmental neuroscience discoveries to be exciting.  However, the utility of these findings often seem far removed from everyday clinical care. Thus, the goal of this presentation is to offer, in the context of adolescent addiction, a bridge to connect the fields of applied adolescent treatment with developmental neuroscience investigation. Concretely, an overview of the relevance of developmental neuroscience in adolescent direct practice is provided. A rationale is offered for how and why the integration of neuroscience into the study of adolescent treatment response could benefit adolescent treatment outcomes. Finally, a series of practical suggestions is generated for improving integration of basic science and psychotherapy research, to enhance collaborative, interdisciplinary work that ultimately advances treatment response for this important clinical population.


ABC visiting professor, Sarah Feldstein Ewing, is Director of the Adolescent Behavioral Health Clinic at Oregon Health & Science University. She is an inspiring young professor with extensive expertise in the neurological underpinnings of adolescent and emerging adult health risk behavior. She developed a highly-innovative line of translational research evaluating the connection between basic biological mechanisms (e.g., brain function/structure) and treatment response in alcohol and cannabis dependent youth, for which she received the prestigious Early Career Investigator Award from the Research Society on Alcoholism. Moreover, she is an MPI on the ABCD study, a large-scale 10-year longitudinal neuroimaging study (n = 10.000) to evaluate the nature of adolescent brain development ( 

Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, PhD
Professor, Dept. of Child & Adol. Psychiatry
Director, Adolescent Behavioral Health Clinic
Oregon Health & Science University


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