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This symposium is organized to highlight collaborative work that has been initiated by Eveline Crone during the past five years of her Dutch Neurofederation professorship ‘Neurocognitive and affective development during adolescence’ at the Developmental Psychology section of the University of Amsterdam. With this professorship the Dutch Neurofederation aimed to stimulate teaching and research in the development of the human brain with a special emphasis on the adolescent period. The Developmental Psychology section hosted the professorship and took advantage of the special expertise of Eveline Crone in developmental neuroscience. Her professorship at the University of Amsterdam generated a series of collaborative studies on a wide range of topics. Three presentations will present results of developmental studies (van Duijvenvoorde, Raijmakers and van der Molen), one study will focus on the adolescent period (Wiers), and two will highlight adult studies (one on decision-making, van Harreveld, and the other on creativity, De Dreu). Before the presentation of Eveline Crone, who will review data from a large fMRI study in adolescence, Ridderinkhof will review the research program of Eveline Crone vis-à-vis the developmental tradition originating from Stanley Hall. The presentations are of interest for a broad audience concerned with (developmental) cognitive/affective neuroscience and, in broad outline, the symposium attests to the merits of this strategic Dutch Neurofederation professorship. Click the link below for more information

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Date 26 March 2015
Time 13:00 - 18:00