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* POSTPONED to a later moment * - new date will be announced in due time! -

Detail Summary
Date 17 March 2020
Time 00:00 -23:59

- Amsterdam, 12 March 2020 -

This decision is made due to the most recent developments in relationship to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, RIVM and UvA have not issued any recommendation to stop activities. The PAC symposium currently has 35 registered participants, all from the Amsterdam area. As such, the risk associated to the symposium is similar to that we (still) have to face to go to school, work, or by using public transport.

  • Nevertheless, in concert with ABC, we have decided to postpone the event to a later moment.

In fact, several participants have expressed concern about attending the workshop, and we believe that nobody should run any risk (albeit small) or feel unsafe during an ABC event.

Once the situation gets quieter, we will get back in touch with you to find a new dates that works for everybody.

  • If you were invited to give a talk, or present a poster: we would be very happy if we could still keep your contribution for the next edition.


(also on behalf of the other PAC Ambassadors Steven and Simon)

Umberto Olcese, Steven Scholte, Simon van Gaal




ABC PAC Perception, Attention and Consciousness

The PAC (Perception, Attention and Consciousness) profile is one of the six thematic and interdisciplinary profiles that ABC has established. PAC aims to promote collaborations and interactions among ABC members who are active or interested in the topics of perception, attention and consciousness. Following the interdisciplinary approach which characterizes ABC, all approaches are welcome: from fundamental research to clinical studies, from biology to cognition, and from experimental methods to theoretical and computational approaches. PAC aims to organize a few networking and outreach events every year, to foster collaboration and increase the visibility of ABC researchers.