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Amidst an event-ridden end of the academic year, the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Center (ABC) Summer School “The Sleeping Brain: from Neural Networks to Cognition” (June 19-30) was a huge success and received great evaluations.

ABC Summer School 2017 organisers: Luzia Talamini and Umberto Olcese

The two-week interdisciplinary event provided the participants with full immersion in the field of sleep, through daily Master classes, tutor-guided projects on selected topics, workshops, demos, and a whole lot more. The summer school culminated in an international symposium: “Crossing the Watershed between Sleep and Wakefulness” on June 30th, with invited lectures by top scientists and an open poster session.

 The summer school was closed with a lecture by Prof. Jerome Siegel, the Visiting Honorary Chair in Cognitive Science, on the evolution of sleep.

In all, the summer school featured lectures by 16 of the most renowned scientists in the field of sleep and cognition research, half of whom came from abroad; it also involved 8 tutors with varying specialities in the field of sleep research, 65 summer school participants and some 140 visitors to the final symposium.

The organisers would like to thank, again, all of these people, our sponsors from academia and private industry and, last but not least, ABC and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) as the main patrons of this yearly event. National Dutch Television (NPO) will be airing a video shot during the summer school, including an interview with Prof. Jerome Siegel.

We thoroughly enjoyed the summer school and came out enlightened and inspired! We hope you all did too.

Thanks a lot to all involved!

Lucia Talamini and Umberto Olcese