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My last blog ended stating that I was curious where I would end up job wise. I had been looking around for different kinds of jobs, but decided that my heart lies with research and that I want to do a PhD. In my search for a PhD I found out that there are so many choices to make, which is on the one hand very liberating, but on the other hand quite daunting. It is not only the project which is important, but also with whom you want to work, and of course where you want to work. A PhD program in the US is very different from one in the UK or Holland and although I’d lived in the US and the UK for some time, it’s a whole different step to move there for 4 or 5 years. I decided to keep an open mind and apply for as many positions as I found interesting.

When still in the US, I applied for a position in Eveline Crone’s brain and development lab at Leiden University. The project I applied for is a longitudinal project investigating the social-emotional development in young adolescents. It’s a very big project and it will be done in close collaboration with one other PhD student and two post-docs. I got invited for an interview and….. got the job!

I am very excited about starting and looking forward to working on this project. My official start date is February 1st, but I’ve been working a little bit on study design and have read some papers already.

After having traveled and moved so much the past couple of years, it’s nice to have a place where I will be staying the better part of the next several years. In the mean time, I found a very nice studio in the city centre of Leiden and it’s only a 20-minute walk from the lab. I’ve had some time to explore Leiden and it seems to be a very nice, cute city.

The transition from being a student to working life is quite a step. As of now, my expectations are that a PhD will be somewhat similar to doing an internship. Although I am already noticing some differences, and hope to tell you more about them next time.