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Hi everyone, Great that you’ve found the way to my blog. Here I will keep you updated on my whereabouts as a recent graduate of the Brain and Cognitive Science master. First, let me tell you a little bit about who I am. I started my studies in Groningen where I have done a bachelors in Psychology. Wanting to specialize a bit more in the brain, I went on to do the cognitive neuroscience track of the B&CS master.

Two years of learning new things, internships, lots of traveling and making good friends later, all of a sudden I’m graduated. So, what will be the next step? I would love to continue doing research and do a PhD. Although finding an interesting position at a nice lab, with great colleagues turns out not to be all that easy. I have a few leads on interesting positions and in the mean time I’m now working on finishing up projects and finding a job. Okay, a job… what kind of job? What do I want and what can I do with my education? My first stop was the temporary job agency, because I don’t only want a job, I want one fast please. After several intakes at different agency’s I was quite happy with myself, at least the first step is taken!

I decided that if I want to find a nice job that fits my skill set and does not involve ‘archiving several thousand files’ I should better take this seriously. Apparently, the newspaper articles about the recession and difficulties for starters to access the job market do have some truth to them. For some reason, I always believed that this kind of information was not about me J Anyway, lots and lots of hours of surfing the web, investigating what kind of personality type I am and what kind of competencies I possess most and not in the last place what kind of jobs fit my profile, I am starting to become a real ‘career tiger’.

I found out that if I were not to continue in research, I would enjoy doing some kind of traineeship. I enjoy learning new things, working with people, coaching or training people and managing a project. Also, for most traineeships there’s not a certain masters required. Just being graduated can be enough to get you in.

I am looking forward to start working and am curious to see where I will end up. More next time!!