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It has been some time since I wrote anything here. I started working in February which kept me incredibly busy until now. I have been commuting to Utrecht everyday and having to wake up very early in the morning. I was not really used to it as a student. Between sleeping, going to work and enjoying myself on the weekends, I have not really been paying attention to much else to say the least.

I am now working for a macroeconomic research institute/company which is not what I thought I would be doing at all. I am not on the research side but work with the sales and marketing team. I can’t say it has much to do with cognitive science but nevertheless fits my personality. I deal with major banks, asset management companies and big corporations on a daily basis and try to influence their decision-making to a certain extent. So it is somewhat related to my final project at the UvA on economic decision-making. It sounds all good in theory but sometimes hard to implement in practice. But all has been going well for me at the moment. Let’s hope that it stays that way.

I think my next move might be more on the applied research side in the future because I would like to put my skills into practice. Hopefully more opportunities will arise but, as of now, I am happy where I am. I hope to have more updates for you in the next few months.