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At the moment of writing, I have just returned from a vacation in Israel. I visited friends that I met during my stay in Amsterdam – this exemplifies an advantage of doing an international master's degree, besides the educational strength of the master programme, namely the fact that you gain friends from all over the world, which provides you with good excuses for going abroad. This vacation followed a very busy January, where I was busy testing subjects for sometimes eleven hours a day. During those periods I realised that the difference between menial work and experimental testing is not always readily noticeable, but on the (very) bright side it means that I will get my name on 3-4 articles, albeit as a third author, but not bad at all.

At the moment I am still a research assistant at the same lab, where I now have work until June at least. Right now, I am preparing a grant proposal with my professor in collaboration with researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark. If all goes well, I will have a Ph.D.-position this summer. But if there's one thing I have learnt, it is that grant applying is a tedious process. Especially, when they are not accepted, of course! Anyway, this is supposed to be the best shot this year, so I am hopeful.

A positive thing is that I have had time to prepare manuscripts for submission of the experiments I did during my internships at CSCA – the final data came in for the monkey experiments that I set up during my stay in the US. I am hopeful that they will get published since the data seem quite interesting. This reveals another strong aspect of the BrCogSci-master, namely the fact that the research you do is often submittable for peer-reviewed journals giving you a head-start in academic life if that is where you want to go afterwards.

Lastly, I am planning to go to A'dam in June to see the match between Denmark (I am Danish) and Holland in the coming EURO – this time we're gonna beat them Dutchies! During the World Cup in 2010, I was one of only two Danes in a packed Kriterion, yelling and singing as best I could with my national flag (Dannebrog) draped over my shoulders. This time I plan to do the same, and the Danish National Team is going to win. No doubt about it!