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I am going through some busy and exciting days these days – we are finishing up the last tests of a big experiment we are running where we are testing correlations between individuals' GABA-levels and their performance measures on tasks involving attentional mechanisms and inhibitory mechanisms. Moreover, I am busy designing an experiment intended to find correlations between event-related fields and (inter)subjective descriptions of consciousness. Finally, I received some exciting news about the grant that my advisor and I have applied for. According to the first round of feedback, our proposal is judged to be of excellent quality, so hopefully I'll receive some good news in the end of June about my future.

I have also had some time to finish up the two articles that I am (still) writing – it seems that advisors have a limitless amount of feedback to give, which is probably okay. Anyway, I have certainly realised that it can take a long time before you go from finishing your tests to submitting an article.

On another note, I have now bought all the tickets necessary to go visit friends and the CSCA come the beginning of June. I am really looking forward to seeing Amsterdam again, biking beside the canals, eating fries with a ton of mayonnaise, having conversations in Dutch again (it's going to be exciting to see if I am still skilful), drinking a Hoegaarden at Kriterion, where I also expect to see the Danish national team beat the Dutchies, etc.. Even though I am really looking forward to going to Amsterdam again, I must also admit that I do enjoy being home – it just seems that all my friends in Aarhus have taken revenge on me, that is they have now all moved to Copenhagen or abroad (e.g. New Zealand). That also has its bright sides of course – that is, an excuse for going to New Zealand, which I plan to do in January. I do think, however, that I will be ready for yet another international experience when I finish a Ph.D. – maybe a postdoc for a couple of years somewhere, and Amsterdam is absolutely a possibility.

Thus in total, things are looking good, and I hope to receive happy news in the end of June. Enjoy the spring and the upcoming summer!