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Life has been busy since I finished two great years of my life in the beautiful port of Amsterdam. I now live in Aarhus, Denmark, where I did my bachelor studies.

I enjoy being back among my friends, girlfriend, and family, but I also miss life in Amsterdam, my many and great friends down there, and the whole atmosphere about studying there – it's for certain that I am not done with the Dutch and I hope to go to the Netherlands and Amsterdam at least once or twice a year. That has namely been a corollary effect of studying abroad for me – I got myself a second home and an emotional attachment as well. I haven't excluded the possibility of moving back to the Netherlands for a while, if I get the incentive and chance to do so. Therefore, I am still keeping my Dutch alive by reading Dutch books and by exchanging languages with a Flemish student here in Aarhus.

Regarding work, I have a temporary position as a scientific assistant in a lab at the University Hospital of Aarhus, while I am busy applying for PhD-positions and grant money. Furthermore, I am running experiments for the lab and finishing articles for the experiments that I did during my master's studies – thus, as I said earlier, life is busy, but I enjoy it that way. When I look back at my time in Amsterdam I feel like it has been a great way of preparing me for a life in academia: the experience I got from doing my internships is really showing its value now, where I have responsibility for programming and designing experiments.

At the moment I am primarily applying for positions at the University of Aarhus, but if I have had no luck before summer next year, I will start considering going abroad again – my stay in Amsterdam hasn't frightened me of going abroad one bit, even though I would also love to get myself a position here in Aarhus, which is a lovely city even though of you may not know it. What I appreciate most greatly about being a student at the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Master is the unique chance you get to be involved in multiple research projects where you can be given a lot of responsibility. My major piece of advice for any current student that would like to do research in the future is to make sure that you get a project where you get responsibility and independence to do your own work – those two factors will enable you to pursue your dreams in a qualified manner at a later stage.