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Only 2 months back in the low country, it already feels like forever. The first weeks I had a very hard time getting back here mentally. I missed Paris terribly. And as my body took a fast car to get back to Amsterdam, the soul always goes by foot ;-). Because of my work with animals I had to follow ‘the’ animal science course, so I didn’t really had the time and chance to get back into my normal AMC life among people and pipettes as well. But time heals all wounds. My French friends visited me (and Amsterdam) during Queensday, which was very nice. A whole new -orange- experience for them (and LOTS of broodjes kroket and ‘goeda’ cheese). And at the end of May, I will enjoy Paris for a weekend. See if I it feels like coming home. I hope so; it would be great to spend a couple of years in this fantastic city for a post-doc or something. And the scientific contacts are already there.

I’ve planned loads of surgery and experiments for the coming, well, hopefully, years. I experienced that working as a PhD is not really stable, sometimes it’s not busy at all and you have to think about what to do, sometimes it’s too busy. And strangely, deadlines always come unexpected.

Another thing; if you enjoy visiting other places I strongly recommend to do a PhD! This month I will go to the ‘ENP’congress in Lunteren. It’s in Holland, but still feels like abroad because the congress place is in the middle of.. nowhere. In July I will present a poster in Zurich, at the annual congress of the society of ingestive behaviour. This includes talks and posters about energy homeostasis, brain sensing of hunger and thurst but also sleep vs. diabetes and motivation and reward (with regard to food). Very interesting in my opinion. I’ve never been in Zurich so I will take 1 or 2 days extra after the meeting to visit the city. Very nice!

For now, have a very good European Championship, we all know who will win (Lau, understood?)