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Bonjour tout le monde!

I’m very pleased to write a blog for you about my, still short, life after graduating from my master Brain and Cognitive Sciences. When I started the master I didn’t know what to expect of research at all. The only thing I knew back then was that I didn’t really like Current Issues in the evening (except for the drinks afterwards), but looking back now, it was a nice time actually. During my internships, I found out what research was all about, and it turned out that I really enjoy it. Although I always find it hard to explain why I actually like research. Because who would like working hard, reading an infinite number of articles, getting hardly any significant results, doing endless analyses and after all of that total social isolation to write up your (non significant) data into something that makes sense? Nevertheless, this whole process has something to it that excites me a lot.

Actually, my life after the master started off pretty well, since I’m writing this blog from my desk in a lab in Paris. Near the end of the master I wasn’t sure I wanted to do a PhD, I didn’t feel ready for it yet. I was doing an internship at the AMC department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, and when they offered me to stay, it was almost impossible to say no. It just felt good! Sometimes you have to dive into the unknown and just do it.
So, I literally rolled into my PhD on the link between the brain and obesity (hence the ‘rolled’). Currently I work in Paris for 5,5 months, to learn a certain surgery on mice and rats. And to start an international collaboration between the lab in Amsterdam and Paris.
Up to now it’s been a wonderful experience, Paris is a fantastic city and I’m learning so much every day! I get to know so many lovely people and it feels good just being in another environment for some time. So I would recommend anybody to just do it, when you get the chance!

That’s it for now, back to work.

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