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I am glad to announce that I have finally found a PhD position. It has taken me some time, but this summer I will begin my PhD project at the Erasmus University. I will be doing research into self-regulated learning.

Over the past months a lot of things have happened and it wasn’t always nice. Although I kept myself busy with all sorts of things, those things did not pay the rent. I did learn a lot from the several projects I have going. For instance, from my work for Tilburg University I learned how to perform a meta-analysis and gave me some insight into good research practices. Then there was my work for the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Journal1 and I must say I am a bit proud that at the end of this summer we will have our first issue. After that first issue I will no longer be an editor of the ABC Journal, but I know that with the new group of enthusiastic editors it will become a success. I am also still involved with organising the 1st EFPSA Conference here in the Netherlands on the topic Networking; from neuron to society2. Those were all great opportunities for me to stay in touch with research, but they were still things ‘on the side’.

Now I will be able to go to a proper workplace, sit down at a desk or go to the lab, do research and get payed?!?! That is still just a bit weird. And the fact that I will be doing that at the end of this summer still hasn’t sunk in. Maybe it will take some time for me to get used to it. So for a final bit of advice; I think my process is a case-in-point for the influence of persistence. What if J.K Rowling had stopped after she was denied publishing for the 11th time?3 Therefore I am very glad that I stuck to it and can finally start my PhD.



3 J.K Rowling was denied publishing 12 times: