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Project: “The role of individual differences in multisensory processing ability and attentional selection”

Multisensory processing and attention have been shown to have an intricate and multifaceted relation among each other. Part of this relation appears to be due to processing demands placed on one or more of the sensory systems. The current project aims to determine how individual differences in processing capacity play a role in this relation.  


Using predominantly human non-­‐evasive electrophysiological (EEG) and neuroimaging (MRI) measurements, the current project seeks to investigate the influence of individual differences in processing ability on multisensory processing. We will offer the successful candidate the opportunity to work with a wide variety of electrophysiological and neuroimaging techniques, including but not limited to event-­‐related potentials, steady-­‐state evoked potentials, time-­‐ frequency analysis, and fMRI. The project will be supervised by Dr. Durk Talsma, and  is  situated  within  the  department  of  experimental  Psychology  at  Gent University. 


The  Ph.D.  student  is  expected  to  design  and  program  experiments,  collect  and

analyze   electrophysiological   and   neuroimaging   data,   and   disseminate   the

research results through academic peer-­‐reviewed  publications, and conference proceedings. Together, this will provide the basis for a Ph.D. dissertation, which is to be completed within four years after the start of the project.  


We  are  looking  for  highly  motivated  candidates  with  a  strong  interest  in cognitive psychology and electrophysiology. Candidates must have a Masters degree (or equivalent) in experimental psychology, or cognitive neuroscience. Previous experience with  computer  programming, quantitative data  analysis,  electrophysiology, and/or neuroimaging will be a significant plus.  

Further information:

Please contact Durk Talsma (; Phone: +32 9 264.64.37)

for further information about the position or the project.  


The  position  is  for  a  period  of  four  years.  Gent  University  offers  a  competitive

salary, good benefits and a high quality Ph.D. training involving a variety of cutting-­‐edge  methods in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience. The latest possible starting date is October 31, 2013. Earlier starting dates are possible.  


Please sent (i) a detailed CV, (ii) list of courses and grades, and (iii) names and email  addresses of two  academics, who may  be  contacted for references, by email  to  Please  submit  applications  before  March  2nd,