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Research Master and Summer School

In order to train a new generation of brain and cognitive science researchers that is optimally prepared to work in interdisciplinary settings, ABC initiated the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the ABC Summer School, in collaboration with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences

The Research Master in Brain and Cognitive Sciences is an ambitious, two-year programme that is unique in its interdisciplinary perspective on cognition and neuroscience. The programme examines cognition from the level of molecules up to the behaviour and cognition, and from experiment to computation and modelling. Due to its close link to ABC, the programme features contributions from a.o. psychologists, neurobiologists, psychiatrists, philosophers, behavioural economists, logicians and linguists.

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is responsible for the organisation and coordination of the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Information for current students

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Summer School

Every year the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences organises an international 2-year Summer School around a timely topic in the research field of Brain and Cognition. The Summer School is open for students of this master, as well as for national and international students of similar master programmes.

The Summer School closes with the annual ABC Symposium, which is organized around the same topic as the Summer School. During this symposium, the Annual Honorary Frijda Chair is awarded to an outstanding, interdisciplinary researcher in the field of brain and cognitive sciences.

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