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ABC Research programs

Research in the area of cognition is very well represented within several faculties of the University of Amsterdam (FMG, FNWI, FGW, AMC, FEB) in research teams that include psychologists, neurobiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, behavioral economists, logicians, and linguists. They study cognition at the level of the neurons and neural systems involved, as well as at the level of the regulation of behavior, the theoretical modeling of behavior, and cognitive disorders.

The Executive Board of the UvA has decided to designate Brain & Cognition as the university's first research priority area, a decision motivated by the fact that, on the one hand, several UvA faculties house excellent cognitive scientists and, on the other hand, by the consideration that a strengthening of the mutual interdisciplinary collaboration would not only mean a significant step ahead, but would also increase the international visibility of the cognitive research at the UvA.

These research projects indicated on the left are just a few of the many cognitive themes being studied at the UvA. In years to come, these projects will be implemented, and other cognitive scientists with the UvA will also be involved where possible in the ABC Research programs.