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In this issue, junior researchers and distinguished scientists comment on the great pressure to publish as a potential cause of fraud, among other things.

Issue number 9

Several psychology faculty members describe their experiences playing an American integrity game. Wim Koomen, once Stapel’s copromotor, candidly talks about how this case has affected him. There are columns by Jaap Murre and reporter Frank van Kolfschooten, author of the unsurpassed Valse vooruitgang. Bedrog in de Nederlandse wetenschap [False Progress: Deception in Dutch Science, Ed.]. Paul Emmelkamp makes a special revelation about his brief collaboration with fraudster William -what’s in a name- Fals-Stewart. And sociologist Kees Schuyt touches on a number of sore spots, such as that Stapel’s former PhD students get to keep their diplomas; the plagiarism of neuropsychologist Margriet Sitskoorn; and the responsibility of coauthors.

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