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About ABC

Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

Amsterdam Brain and Cognition is a unique interdisciplinary platform that fulfils a number of functions within the University of Amsterdam. It serves as a platform and community for cognitive scientists interested in a wide range of Cognitive Science topics, ranging from perception to memory, decision-making, language and logic. We organise a yearly Lecture series and Summer School, and various symposia and expert meetings.

Research projects within the ABC are carried out in the participating institutes but ABC also has its own research programme focusing on research questions that cross the borders between disciplines.

In order to train the next generation of cognitive science researchers that are optimally prepared to work in interdisciplinary settings, the ABC also offers a unique Brain and Cognitive Sciences' research master. The strong experimental and theoretical/formal orientation of the ABC community provides unique opportunities for a cognitive science curriculum focusing on integrated themes. And because it is part of the ABC, the master provides its students with outstanding research.

Understanding Consciousness

Our brains are made up of billions of cells, ingeniously interconnected. From this matter, conscious experience arises of the world around us, as well feelings of joy, pain or fear. Without consciousness life wouldn’t matter to us. Scientist that are part of the ABC theme “Perception Attention and Consciousness” are continuously working on unraveling its mysteries.