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Summer School

Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC)

Every year the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences organises an international 2-weeks Summer School around a timely topic in the research field of Brain and Cognition. The Summer School is open for students of this master, as well as for national and international students of similar master programmes.

The Summer School closes with the annual ABC Symposium, which is organized around the same topic as the Summer School. During this symposium, the Annual Honorary Frijda Chair is awarded to an outstanding, interdisciplinary researcher in the field of brain and cognitive sciences.

  • Previous ABC Summer Schools
    • 2018: Social Cognition and the Brain
    • 2017: The Sleeping Brain: From Neural Networks to Cognition
    • 2016: Computational Modelling & Cognitive Development
    • 2015: Multisensory Integration and Synaesthesia
    • 2014: Early life experiences: from genes to cognition
    • 2013: Genes, The Brain and Human Behavior
    • 2012: Emotional memory: From patient to synapse
    • 2011: To Head or to Heed?
    • 2010: Neuroeconomics: An exciting joint venture
    • 2009: Consciousness and the Brain
    • 2008: Cognitive modelling: contrasting
    • 2007: Language, acquisition, processing and disorders
    • 2006: An interdisciplinary approach to cognitive developmental disorders
    • 2005: Cognitive development: from human evolution to language acquisition
    • 2004: Memory interdisciplinary perspectives
    • 2003: Human reasoning and cognitive science

Nico Frijda Chair

Nico Frijda (1927-2015) was emeritus professor of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and a pioneer of Cognitive Science in the Netherlands. In his name an annual Honorary Chair has been established at the University of Amsterdam. Every year a prominent research in the field of Cognitive Sciences is appointed as visiting professor on the Frijda Chair. The acclaimed scientist gives the annual Frijda lecture and the theme of the annual ABC (Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Center) Summer School is determined by the expertise of the researcher holding the chair.

  • Previous Frijda Chairs



    2018 | Brain Knutson

    Stanford University, USA


    2017 | Jerome Siegel

    Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior (UCLA), USA

    2016 | Josh Tenenbaum

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

    2015 | Mark T. Wallace

    Vanderbilt Brain Institute

    2014 | Micheal Meaney

    McGill University, Canada. 

    2013 | Christine van Broeckhoven   

    University of Antwerp, Belgium

    2012 | Kevin LaBar                           

     Duke University, USA

    2011 | Adele Diamond                      

    University of British Columbia, Canada

    2010 | Ernst Fehr                              

    University of Zürich, Switzerland

    2009 | Christof Koch                         

    California Institute of Technology, USA

    2008 | James McClelland                 

    Stanford University, USA

    2007 | Harald Clahsen                      

    University of Essex, UK

    2006 | Annette Karmiloff-Smith        

    University College London, UK

    2005 | Michael Tomasello                

    Max Planck, Leipzig, Germany

    2004 | Richard Morris

    University of Edinburgh, UK

    2003 | Keith Stenning                        

    University of Edinburgh, UK